Rawring Designs

Website Design and Development

Want a website? I'm your guy.

  • I make the website that works for you!
    • Simple? Fancy? Dynamic? I can do whatever that suits your needs!
    • Check out the Services page for more information!
    • Or my Portfolio for the websites I made!
    • Or just look at the pretty slideshow!
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I'm not just a website designer or developer.

  • I'm musically involved!
    • I make songs! Usually techno, house, or hip-hop. You can find some of them in my Newgrounds Audio page! I either use "Jayther", "J13 Mixes", or "DJ Keziv" as the artist name for my songs.
    • I was a DJ for Backlot Events! (I also made their website!) My nickname for the DJ scene is "DJ Keziv".
    • I play the piano and the drums!
    • I dance! I pop, krump, lock, c-walk, liquid, shuffle, and a bit of break-dancing.
  • I have my own projects!
    • I'm making my own data management to better suit my own needs and the needs of my clients (and an early version is currently being used for one of the websites I made).
    • I sometimes spend time to work on my Flash and HTML5 games.
    • Learn more about the stuff I do in the Updates page!

If you are here for other things...

  • Pivot-related
  • Animation
    • If you're looking for an animator for a project for your company or whatever, I am NOT your guy. I am not available for animation work. I do not make animations for other people. Plus, I am not that good.
    • But you can find skilled, better animators who would love to do a project at Newgrounds!
  • Others
    • Pigeons: No, I don't sell pigeons, nor do I have access to carrier pigeon mail.

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